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Transitioning to Optimizely SaaS Core: Enhancing My Digital Presence

A few weeks ago, during Opticon, a new Optimizely CMS Offering was announced.  With the introduction of Optimizely SaaS Core, my website has undergone some significant changes. Previously, The firt iteration of my site used to be on Wordpress for managing my content and delivering my site.  I then moved to a statistically generated site using Hugo. My content was then moved to Markdown files saved as part of the site code repository.  Wanting to explore different tools and technologies, I then made the switch to a statically generated site using Vitepress.

However, when I got the opportunity to access Optimizely's SaaS offering as an OMVP, I knew it was time for annoter transition. The SaaS Core is a fully managed version of Optimizely's Content Management System (CMS), providing the latest updates and cutting-edge APIs. It allows for limitless digital creativity and streamlined processes, especially for those looking to build headless solutions.

In terms of my website's infrastructure, Vitepress, a static site generator framework built on top of VueJs and Vite, has become my preferred tool. It offers seamless integration with Optimizely SaaS Core, allowing me to manage my content separately from the content repository.

By adopting this new offering, I have gained access to advanced features and improved flexibility in creating and managing my website. Overall, the transition to Optimizely SaaS Core has been a positive step towards enhancing my digital presence.

In the upcoming articles, I will discuss the changes that the headless architecture has brought to my website, the challenges I faced during the migration to Optimizely SaaS Core, as well as the next steps for updating my site. I will share my experience using Vitepress as a static site generation tool and describe the benefits of integrating with Optimizely SaaS Core to manage my content independently from the content repository. I will highlight the advanced features and increased flexibility that this transition has brought to my digital presence, and discuss the improvements that I plan to make to my site in the future. Stay tuned to learn more about my experience with Optimizely SaaS Core and its impact on my website.